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NYC kinda [May. 5th, 2006|04:34 pm]
Youth Speaks
[mood |lazylazy]

so.. i'm too lazy to actually write something comprehensive about new york anytime soon so here's my half of a conversation i had with my friend about new york. if anyone else would like to write something.. please do! heh

new york was pretty cooool
i didn't get to go site seeing or anything cause we were working most of the time
and they didn't let us go out with out chaperones
but it was still pretty cool
and the poetry was AMAZING
it was really incredible
and we also had a dance/concert on a roof top where we got the watch the sun set and the city light up
man, so we were living at a hostel
and youth speaks brought like EVERYbody instead of just the competing team
so my room
i shared it with eleven other girls
so we had to share bathrooms with the rest of the floor like dorms right?
well.. our room was at the very end of the hall way
and the only girl's bathroom on the floor was ALLLLL the way on the other end of the hall
you know... long walks for showers and peeing and brushing your teeth...w/e

there were TWO guys bathrooms
there was a guys bathroom near us
so we kinda turned it into a unisexual bathroom
cept for showering
cause guys are nasty
i learned that guys don't always flus
.. but i guess you didn't really need to know that
the poetry was awesome
but i know i said that already
so like.. we went there for like a competition right?
but like most of the kids were like, really chill about it, like they didn't care about competing, or like.. they weren't really aggressive about it
cause like
it's not about the competition
it's about the poetry
so like
during the finals
some how
they just, got rid of the competition factor
providence disqualified themseleves by breaking the rules and repeating some of their poems more than they were allowed
they did it right at the very beginning and everyone cheered for them
they were INCREDIBLE tho
they made me cry!
my friend said she heard one of their poems three times last week and each time it made her cry
and then urban word NYC disqualified themselves kinda by usuing props cause you're not supposed to
or like.. it docks points but it's "breaking the rules"
and seattle went hella over the time limit with their poem
five teams make it to finals
it was.. bay area, NYC urbanword, seattle, providence, and philly
they were all really good
and some teams got to read even tho they weren't competing
there was a girl from leeds, england who is a rowanda genocide survior who got to perform her piece
i'm pretty sure she brought almost the whole audience to tears
oh yea, and in the end, they stopped having the judges read the scores and it was truly just about the poetry then and it was .. just amazing i can't find better words
i didn't bring any tissue!
i should have known better really..
and we went back tot he hostel that night together
since the beginning of the trip, we hadn't ALL been together until then
and it was just a lot of fun
we walked down the street and every once in a while someone would start going "AAAAYYY" (like the letter A) and everyone else would be like AAYY AYYYYYY
we were so loud haha